Tips for Being Present

Tips for Being PresentBeing present means being in the moment, it is a conscious state of awareness.  Not thinking about the past or future, just thinking about the here and now.  I hope you find these tips for being present helpful.

It’s being quiet and still. It’s allowing ourselves to be aware of surroundings and where we are right now.  We let go of the past and release worry of the future.

Practicing presence is a conscious state of awareness of the present moment that acknowledges and accepts our current feelings, thoughts, moods, and body, unconditionally, as is.

We have all probably experienced overload at times. Times when there was so much going on around us, so much stimuli, that we found it difficult to focus on a clear thought.  Let’s explore tips on practicing being in the moment.

Tips for Being Present

Just breathe, take a breath.  A natural act we don’t always think about.  Being present begins with a simple breath in through the nose and exhaling (letting the breath out) naturally, this time, also through the nose. 

Focusing on our breath allows us to filter out unwanted thoughts, clearing our mind for what’s next.  Allow the consistency of our breathing create the consistency of our presence now.  After practicing being in the moment several times, while sitting or lying down and feeling safe, close your eyes if you prefer.

Think about what’s going on right now.  Think about what you are doing at this moment, are you sitting, reading, in bed trying to fall asleep?  Are your shoulders tense, jaw tight, feet sore, back or knees aching?  Are you feeling stressed?

What are your emotions right now, sad, happy, at peace? What thoughts seem to be circulating?  How’s your breathing, still breathing in through your nose and exhaling naturally?  Take another breath and as you exhale, feel your muscles soften. 

Let go.  Time to let things go, for this moment anyway.  Past mistakes, things you wish you had said or done.  Whirling thoughts of our “to do” list.  Sometimes it’s hard to live in the moment, be present, when there is so much going on in our world.  Allow yourself to release worrisome thoughts and tensions at this moment and feel any heaviness be lifted and replaced with lightness, calmness, peace.

Now, cycle back to breathing.  We can always cycle back to our breathing when we feel intruding thoughts starting to whirl around again.  We can use our breath to release our past pains and future anxieties by practicing being present. 

Final thoughts

We can allow ourselves, anytime, to center or ground by using this being present concept.  If you think about it, the act of being present is, in a sense, a quick meditation without meditating.  If you want to add a quick head to toe body scan, done in seconds, you may during the “what’s going on right now” phase of the cycle.

Eventually with repetition, practicing presence can become habit, and you may find yourself being able to focus on the present in just a few moments (anywhere).  Tips for Being Present is just one more step in practicing self-care.

Once we are able to focus on being in the moment, we open ourselves up to better manage the stimuli in our surroundings. Then, we really listen to the people speaking to us.

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