Self-Care: Empowering Ourselves

self-careI want to welcome you to Breathe Deeply and Relax and encourage you to take a moment to consider making a commitment to yourself for self-care.

This is a kick start to trigger our thinking of ourselves and any changes we may want to make to improve our lives and self-care habits.

Self-Care is a new habit to empower ourselves!

Some suggest it takes about 21 days to change or make a new habit, but that may not apply in all circumstances. It depends on many factors, including readiness of the person wanting the change. We are all unique in the length of our timetables for change.  You can refer to our mind body connections for a little more insight.

The only way to know, is to just start. Then, one day we may notice a change has taken place, and we may not even realize when it happened.

We may become distracted several times and find that we have slipped back into old, familiar habits (not practicing self-care). That’s okay, because we noticed the slip.

Acknowledging a “slip” is key! It reminds us we are human. It may have taken us a long time to develop deeply ingrained habits we want to change, so we must remember to be gentle and forgiving with ourselves (practicing self-care).

Just start, and if we get distracted, jump back in and start again. 

Think about empowered self-care or any habits you may want to better manage.

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*Note, this post is a partial excerpt from one of my books soon to be made available for purchase.

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